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Together We Improve Outcomes and Lower Costs

We provide rehabilitation teams that are aligned, fully engaged and passionate about what they do — highly skilled physical, occupational, and speech therapists who collaborate to improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.


At Dragonfly, we’re always looking for people who provide great patient care as a part of a kind, efficient, and collaborative team.

Healthcare Executive

For better outcomes, you need better partners. Let us show you how our teams can make a real impact in your company.

Achieving success
through collaboration
and alignment.

We founded Dragonfly to be a different kind of partner — one that provides a level of care, a patient experience, and an efficiency rarely seen in health care. Our teams align themselves with hospitals and healthcare systems in order to discover inefficiencies, strategize process improvements, and create a better healthcare experience for everyone involved. No matter your challenge, we’re ready to tackle it — together.

Patient Satisfaction

For our teams, the patient’s experience
is paramount. We work hard to create a pleasant, approachable environment where patients can feel at ease while they recover.


We’re always seeking out opportunities to make things simpler, more cost-effective, and faster — not only for the patient, but also for the staff and the hospital as a whole.

Staff Satisfaction

Happy, confident teams are efficient teams. We prioritize an environment where staff feels valued, heard, and empowered to do their best.



In cost saved over the course of 12 months for Occupational Therapy services at one hospital.


Increase in patients receiving day of surgery physical therapy at one hosipital.


Engagement score reported by staff supplied by Dragonfly at one hospital.


In savings over three years for one hospital rehabilitation department.

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