About Us

It begins with great partnerships.

We lead rehabilitation departments with efficiency and an entrepreneurial mindset — this means we’re constantly looking for opportunities to identify high-value solutions. We recruit, hire, and develop highly skilled physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy staff who are not only aligned with your goals, but who also seamlessly collaborate with one another.



In cost saved over the course of 12 months for Occupational Therapy services at one hospital.


Increase in patients receiving day of surgery physical therapy at one hospital.


Engagement score reported by staff supplied by Dragonfly at one hospital.


In savings over three years for one hospital rehabilitation department.

Our Story

We were first established in 2005 as a private physical therapy practice, dedicated to working closely with patients and their doctors. Along the way, we discovered the need for more strategic partnerships with the hospitals and healthcare systems our patients came from; in 2012, we branched out to establish Dragonfly.

Today, we work together with hospitals and healthcare systems and form lasting partnerships based on trust and efficiency. With the client’s goals, mission, and needs at the forefront, we’re able to eliminate inefficiencies and provide better physical, occupational, and speech therapy services all at once.

Our mission is to be the light that inspires possibilities. How can we inspire you?

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